Kettenbach - Futar D


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فروش توسط: تکتا آفرین فناوران ایساتیس - دندال

Futar D is a syringeable, elastomer, addition-curing bite registration material on a vinyl polysiloxane base with high final hardness for recording the occlusal relationship.
Futar Fast can be comfortably trimmed and impresses due to its easy handling.




✓No springing when aligning the models due to extra-high final hardness (Shore D-43)
✓ Best elastomeric properties ensure dimensionally accurate elastic
recovery and easy, reliable removal from the mouth
✓ Convenient working time (30 seconds), optimum for a full dental arch registration
✓ Short intraoral setting time (90 seconds) for comfortable use
✓ High thixotropy, thus no uncontrolled flowing in the interdental spaces



  • Bite registration (full dental arch)
  • Loading the bite fork
  • Registration (general)
  • Registration in orthodontics
  • Bite registration (segment)


Technical data

Working time at 23°C/74°F≤  :  30 seconds
Intraoral setting time at 35°C/95°≤  :  1 min and 30 sec
Total setting time*≥  :  2 minutes
Hardness (approx.) Shore  :  D43/HD76
Linear dimensional change (maximum)%  :  -0.10
Mixing technique  :  Applyfix 4 dispensing gun DS-50 1:1/2:1
Mixing element  :  Green mixing tip MB Ø6.5mm


Normal pack 1:1

2 x 50ml cartridge, 12 mixing tips


Company Kettenbach
Country Germany

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Kettenbach - Futar D

Kettenbach - Futar D

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