Kettenbach - Monopren transfer


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فروش توسط: تکتا آفرین فناوران ایساتیس - دندال

Monopren transfer


Monopren transfer is a medium viscosity, addition-curing, elastomeric monophase impression material based on vinyl polysiloxane. Monopren transfer is an impression material with initial hydrophilicity (the best hydrophilic properties appear after just 0.5 seconds) that provides special application advantages for fixation impressions with fixed/removable restorations and in implantology: immediate inflow to the primary crowns, cast support or preparation limits even in a moist oral environment. Other significant criteria include good setting characteristics, the appropriate Shore A hardness and thixotropy.




Product advantages

  • Short intraoral setting time (2 min.) with a practical total working time (2 min.)
  • High final hardness (Shore A 60)
  • High thixotropy
  • High elasticity
  • Flow properties to suit the indication
  • Two different forms of presentation
  • In the well-known 1:1-cartridge system


Benefits for the dentist

  • Less distortion during the setting stage; user-friendly; more comfortable for the patient; less time required; greater precision.
  • Good retention of the primary crowns; greater accuracy
  • Easy removal from the patient`s mouth; tear-resistant; less risk of fracture during model fabrication.
  • Good pressure build-up.
  • Flows flush onto the primary crowns; finest reproduction of detail.
  • Available as foil bag or cartridge material depending on amount of use.
  • Easy handling.


Technical data

Mixing ratio Working time at 23°C/74°F≤ : 2 minutes
Working time at 35°C/95°F≤ : 1 minute
Intraoral setting time at 35°C/95 °F ≤ : 2 minutes
Total setting time* ≥ : 4 minutes
Hardness (approx.) Shore : A60
Linear dimensional change (maximum)% : -0.20
Elastic Recovery test (approx.)%: 99.7
Strain in compression (approx.)% : 3.5


Company Kettenbach
Country Germany
Type A-Silicon
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Kettenbach - Monopren transfer

Kettenbach - Monopren transfer

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