Kettenbach - Panasil initial contact Light


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فروش توسط: تکتا آفرین فناوران ایساتیس - دندال

Panasil initial contact Light


Panasil initial contact X-Light is a low viscosity, addition-curing precision impression material with very high initial hydrophilicity. Panasil initial contact X-Light can be ideally combined with the tray materials Panasil binetics PuttyFast and the classic Panasil Putty from the jar.




Product advantages

  • First two-step impression material with flexible setting characteristics: Total working time: 30 sec. – 2 min., Intraoral setting time: 2 minutes
  • Very low viscosity
  • High thixotropy
  • Improved hydrophilic properties


Benefits for the dentist

  • The material immediately overcomes the residual moisture and directly contacts the moist tooth surface; the impression reproduces the crisp detail of the preparation margin with residual moisture present.
  • Guarantee of a precise impression even at the end of the total working time. Good results regardless of the time of the application stage.
  • Clinical conditions (moist oral cavity) further improve the initial hydrophilicty.
  • The material flows into narrow crevices when pressure is applied and does not drip from the tooth into the oral cavity.
  • Relaxed, careful impression-taking due to an adequate long total working time; more comfortable for the patient and greater satisfaction.


Mixing ratio Working time at 23°C/74°F≤ : 1 minute and 30 seconds
Working time at 35 °C/95°F≤ : 1 minute
Intraoral setting time at 35°C/95°F≤ :  2 minutes and 30 seconds
Total setting time*≥ : 4 minutes
Hardness (approx.) Shore : A46
Linear dimensional change (maximum)% : -0.20
Elastic Recovery test (approx.)% : 99.3
Strain in compression (approx.)% : 3.5


Company Kettenbach
Country Germany
Type A-Silicon
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برای کارهای ایمپلنتی و مواردی که دقت و زمان برام مهم باشه از پاناسیل استفاده می کنم. واقعا راضی ام فقط کاش مواد قالبگیری a سیلیکونی ارزون تر بودن

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Kettenbach - Panasil initial contact Light

Kettenbach - Panasil initial contact Light

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