KMG - Smart Ject Anesthesia injector

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Smart ject

This new concept automatic anesthesia delivery system employs a button push method that enables the user to inject anesthetic
drug via a touch by a finger on the button, using a powerful Computer controlled motor, micro processor and a pressure sensor
button with voice support.

This instrument is intended for injection of medications such as local anesthetics: it consists of a main body and a battery charger, designed to administer an anesthetic agent at a certain flow. The device can control injection quantity at a 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or full and also has an aspiration function. Furthermore, the injection rate can be regulated at high and low speed. The pressure sensor button enables the user to adjust the injection speed from 0 to 9.


kmg - smart ject

How to apply?

1. Administer anesthetic 2mm under the surface of the gingival
2. Insert a needle after surface anesthesia
3. Render the area insensate
4. Inject a give quantity of anesthetic after checking exact area to be anesthetized



Product Feature and Advantage

- Wireless Computer Controlled automatic anesthesia delivery system
- Super-simple and delicate use with button sensor and stable grip felling
- Aspiration function, pressure senor operation and speed control function
- Variety of spectrum such as amount, duration and pressure of injection
- Dual power supply system for wire and wireless
- Automatic one touch method mode (Mode 2)
- Dental Syringe function with external pressure sensor (Mode 3)
- Removes patients' fear of injection
- As it is automatically injected, it can reduce pain. Inject the required amount of anesthetic correctly, and it works very fast.
- For the convenience of a medical practitioner, it can be easily used with the one-touch method and the anesthetic acts very fast.
- As it is wireless, it is very convenient and the audio recording affirming that it is a painless anesthesia makes a patient stabilized.
- 5 modes for injection
- Small quantity injection(1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full)

CountrySouth Korea
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KMG - Smart Ject Anesthesia injector

KMG - Smart Ject Anesthesia injector

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