Novocol - Posicaine 200 Anesthetic

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Articaine HCl 4% and Epinephrine 1:200,000 Injection, Terminally Sterilized box of 50 cartridges


Features & Benefits:
  • Posicaine with epinephrine 1:100,000 is preferred during operative or surgical procedures when improved visualization of the surgical field is desirable.
  • Predictable duration of anesthesia: up to 60 minutes for infiltration injections and 120 minutes for nerve blocks.
  • No-methylparaben formulation to avoid allergic reactions on sensitive patients.
  • 100 percent latex free components to help reduce allergic responses.
  • Terminal sterilization of product/cartridges for safe use.
  • Mylar label covered glass cartridges to minimize risk of wound in the event of a cartridge breakage.
  • The neutral glass cartridges are siliconized to provide smooth injections and comfort to the patient.
  • Lot and expiration date are imprinted on the case label, box and cartridge label.
  • The products are manufactured in Canada, using the highest standards to assure the quality and purity of the anesthetic.
  • Colour coded.


Main compositionArticaine
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    Novocol - Posicaine 200 Anesthetic

    Novocol - Posicaine 200 Anesthetic

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