Schlumbohm - ENDOPILOT Apex Locator


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patented, highly-precise, digital Apex measuring in real-time

The fully insulated contra-angle, especially developed for the Endodontics enables the apex measuring during the preparation.

The precise, electronic length determination works in accordance with the impulse measuring process. Thanks to state-of-the-art micro-processor technology, the exact determination of the preparation length is done with 10-Bit-resolution.

A quick signal analysis provides for the length determination in real-time during the preparation.
Consequently, the user has the file position under control at any point of time and thereby work very safely. The signal of the Apex Locator is directly forwarded from the contra-angle, to the file. File contact brackets are obsolete. By the complete insulation of motor and contra-angle, mismeasurements, as they may appear by contact with the mucous membrane, for example, are excluded.

The depth of preparation can be individually adjusted by simple sliding of the marker (cross in the apex display) on the touch display. In combination with the file clamp, the Apex Locator can of course also be used for the manual length determination, i.e. without motor. The measured value of the manual probing can be stored comfortably via the foot switch and can be used as a reference with the technical preparation.

An additional safety feature is the external voltage control, warning of interfering voltage.

Charge Level IndicatorYes
WeightControl Unit: 450gr
Height | Width | DepthUnknown
Display ScreenColoured LCD
Auto CalibrationYes
Operating TimeUnknown
Audio Volume IndicatorYes

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Schlumbohm - ENDOPILOT Apex Locator

Schlumbohm - ENDOPILOT Apex Locator

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