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The competitive price, lightness and ease of maintenance of the Black Pearl Eco ensure it stands apart. If this were not enough, its power has been increased by more than 50%. It has one separate air/water spray and connects directly to a 2-/3-way or 4-way hose. Its moderately sized head makes this the versatile turbine par excellence.

Data sheet

CompanyBien Air
Connection2-/3-way adapter
Recommended Air Pressure (bar)2.5
Speed of Rotation310000rpm
Cooling1 separate air and water spray
Chuck locking MechanismPush-button
Type of TechnologyNon-Optic



Type 801-801L: Cavity burs

To treat decays, amalgam or composites cavities.
Remastering of fissures after preparation with plastic filling or ceramic inlays.

Small diameter:
– To eliminate decay from sulcus and decay infiltrated in pits and fissures.
– For small decays close to incisors and canines that require tiny and retentive cavities.
– For cavity retentions in those teeth with bigger decays.

Big diameter:
– to eliminate badly decayed cavities, essentially on (018-021) molars or for concave shaping of crowns in the incisal area (029-035) allowing an optimal stress distribution.



Type 802: Cavity preparation class I-III (plastic filling materials)

The cylinder diameter allows to get straight walls, whereas the round bur enlarges the retentive cavity in depth, according to the decay destruction shape.


Data sheet





Type 835: Inlay preparation (Short burs are easy to use on molars whenever mouth opening is reduced)
Short burs are easy to use on molars whenever mouth opening is reduced.


Type 836: Inlays / onlays preparation, crown preparation


Type 837 / 837L: Shoulder preparation (crown), trimming of long anterior teeth and Allow a better view of the working axis.




Data sheet

Bur ShapeCylindrical
Bur TypeDiamond