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  • Packer-Modeller IO
  • Plastic Instrument, Anterior
  • Plastic Instrument, Posterior
  • Mini Spatula
  • ErgoSense


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  • ErgoSense



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lm dental handle option

Dark Diamond Composite Instrument


The diamond like Dark Diamond coating reduces the stickiness and allows for pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation. The coating makes the surface of the tip extremely smooth and hard and allows for non-stick application and modeling of composite.

Dark Diamond instruments can be cleaned and sterilized similarly to all other LM instruments.


packer modeller


Packer-Modeller IO

New LM-ErgoSense Dark Diamond instruments with non-stick coating for easy placing and contouring of composite resins.

  • For packing and modelling composite
  • Conical working ends optimal for shaping occlusal surfaces



plastic ant

plastic pos

mini spatula


Plastic Instrument, Anterior/Posterior/Universal

New LM-ErgoSense Dark Diamond instruments with non-stick coating for easy placing and contouring of composite resins.

  • For placing and contouring composite


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lm dental handle option

LM-Arte Misura


LM-Arte Misura


LM-Arte is a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations.

A unique instrument for horizontal and vertical measuring of thicknesses of composite layers on the anterior restorations. After the layering but before the polymerization of the dentine composite, the thinner, conical shaped tip is placed on the natural tooth enamel. This way the unpolymerized composite remaining under the conical tip will be gently modeled, leaving an optimal space (from 0,5 to 0,7 mm) for enamel composite layer. The thicker, short tip of the Misura is placed horizontally on the margin of the prepared cavity so that the edge of the tip remains on the original enamel. This determines the right amount of transparent composite to apply on the finishing line. As a result, the final aesthetic restoration consists of correctly calibrated opaque and translucent composites, preventing the unpleasant grey effect of the composites.


LM-Arte Misura


LM-Arte is a set of innovative instruments for esthetic restorations and designed especially for composite layering. The instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a group of passionate dentists specialized in aesthetic restorative dentistry.

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crea.lign paste


Crea.lign Paste

Dentin Shade

crea.lign veneering composite for permanent veneering of metal, ceramic and polymer substructures. The exceptional material properties adapt elasticity and hardness of crea.lign to the various substructure materials. crea.lign contains only nano particles and no ground glass filler. It consists of 50 % opalescent ceramic filler and a high-strength oligomer matrix.

The crea.lign dentine paste is the paste variant of the crea.lign composite.
The crea.lign paste likewise only uses nano-ceramic fillers (does not contain dental glass), features outstanding polishing properties and can be processed without difficulty in combination with all other crea.lign materials.


crea.lign paste


+ Benefits:

Natural beauty

• Natural opalescence
• Outstanding effect of depth thanks to specific refractive indices
• Translucency (more options than in ceramics) 
• Design and layer structure according to natural teeth



• Chemical bonding to all substructure materials
• Result immediately visible: “What you see is what you get”
• Shade stability and plaque resistance thanks to excellent polishing properties and minimal water absorption
• Optimised for implant-prosthetic restorations


Intraoral application

• Approved for oral use: for intraoral application
• Repair of chipping for all veneering materials
• Transition areas toward repairs not visible 
• “What you see is what you get”: Result is immediately visible and can be adapted
• Adjustments without loss in quality during try-in
• Result on the level of supra ceramics



• Clearly higher impact strength than ceramic (protects the antagonist by reducing the occlusal force) 
• Abrasion values comparable to those of natural teeth
• Simple and fast reconstruction of the gingiva for all implant-prosthetic restorations


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ApplicationDirect and Indirect Restorative