Anthogyr 64:1 Contra-angle Economy Package



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Anthogyr endo contra-angles make root canal preparation safe and efficient.They meet the highest requirements in terms of ergonomics for easier practice.


  • Micro head for easier access and maximum visibility in mouth
  • Niti Control for optimum security: Patented
    When the maximum torque which can be applied and endured by the file is reached, the driving device is automatically stopped
  • Chrome plated coating: More corrosion-resistant
  • Easy insertion of the file without pushing the button
  • Impeccable maintenance: thermal disinfection and sterilization, its even surface limits areas of bacterial retention

Data sheet

Gear ratio64:1
ConnectionType E - ISO 3964
Chuck locking MechanismPush-button
Type of TechnologyNon-Optic

XP-Endo Finisher

T=0 - L=25mm - #25

Recommended speed: 800rpm
Torque: 1Ncm




Based on the shape-memory principles of the NiTi alloy and thanks to its extraordinary capacity to expand, the XP-endo Finisher file is able to treat root canals with highly complex morphologies, from the narrowest to the largest, and from the straightest to the most severely curved canals.


Because of its small core size – ISO 25 in diameter – and its zero taper, XP-endo Finisher benefits from incredible flexibility and shows unparalleled resistance to cyclic fatigue. it can be oval or C-shaped; the canals sometimes divide; or an isthmus may connect the canals.


In addition the file will contact and clean the dentine but not change the original shape of the canal. With XP-endo Finisher, get an optimal cleaning of the root canal while preserving dentine. Universal instrument that can be used following any root canal preparation of diameter ISO 25 or more.



fkg - xpendo



XP-endo Finisher is incredibly flexible and can expand its reach 6mm in diameter or 100-fold of an equivalent sized file. This is why XP-endo Finisher allows mechanical cleaning of the canal in areas previously impossible to reach.

Data sheet

File Number25
Number Of Files In Pakage3
RPM range800-1000rpm
Torque range1Ncm
Type3D Generation