Spa Dent - Flex in Office Whitening Kit

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Maximum whitening in just one 20-40* Minute Power Whitening Session. Your patient’s whitest smile in under 1 hour with no sensitivity.



  • 3ml xyliprox whitening gel with tip (40%CP – 10%HP)
  • OptraGate cheek retractor
  • 1.2 ml syringe gum barrier with tip
  • Detachable mouth tray
  • Tray case
  • 50mL home whitening gel


- Spa Dent incorporates the latest LED technologies and gel formulations to remove stains. The light accelerates the hydroxyl radicals penetrating the tooth enamel to eliminate stains.

- Spa Dent whitening gel is PH neutral, has no silica and contains xylitol to help neutralize harmful bacteria. Problems with tooth enamel are typically associated with acidic products and abrasives.

- Gluten Free

- Lactose Free

- Alcohol Free


What is xyliprox whitening gel?

40% Carbamide Peroxide: Whitens at full strength for entire session.

10% Hydrogen Peroxide: Fast acting for rapid stain removal.

4% Aloe: Soothes gums and heals oral tissue.

10% Xylitol: Natural sweetener that helps prevent plaque and re-mineralize teeth when combined with calcium.

5% Neem: Anti Bacterial and antiviral properties. Helps remove plaque.

5% Potassium Citrate: Natural desensitizing agent.

6% Calcium Lactate: Binds to teeth for re-mineralization (not lactose).

3% Zinc Chloride: Promotes healthy breath. Binds to teeth similar to calcium and is resistant to acid.

4% Peppermint Oil: Provides soothing flavour, anesthetic and counterirritant qualities.

25% Purified Water: Natural way to deliver ingredients and ensures teeth do not become dehydrated.



* Flex is 1 x 20 minute power whitening session.  Use one Flex Extension syringe to extend from 20 minutes to 40 minutes.


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    Spa Dent - Flex in Office Whitening Kit

    Spa Dent - Flex in Office Whitening Kit

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