GC - G-aenial Anterior Composite

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نگین دنت سلامت

G-aenial Anterior

Light-Cured Anterior Nano-Hybrid Composite Restorative



  • Excellent handling
  • Effortless manipulation
  • Excellent consistency and working times suited for every dentist’s needs
  • Natural reflectivity creates invisibility
  • High light scattering properties creates chameleon effect 
  • Forward thinking shading concept
    • Standard Shades In cases where no layering is required
    • Outside Special Shades to replace enamel
    • Inside special shades to add opacity
  • Polish quickly and easily into a smooth and glossy surface
  • Featuring GC patented High Density Radiopaque (HDR) Technology, G-ænial is easily traceable through x-rays
  • Tough and flexible
  • High fracture toughness and flexural strength
  • Low modulus of elasticity to avoid bending and occlusal forces, as well as spreading of cracks




G-aenial Anterior
  • Direct restorative for class III, IV, V cavities
  • For wedge-shaped defects and root surface cavities
  • For veneers and diastema closure

* G-aenial is a high strength, low shrinkage stress composite. Both Anterior and Posterior shades can have universal application (anterior shades can be used in posterior restorations and vice versa).


G-aenial blends and becomes aesthetically invisible because of its diverse composition, which mimics the reflective capabilities of a natural tooth.






G-aenial ANTERIOR 2.7mL (4.7g) Syringe XBW / BW / A1 / A2 / A3 / A3.5 / A4 / B1 / B2 / B3 / C3 / CV / CVD / AO2 / AO3 / AO4 / JE / AE / SE / IE / TE / CVE

Company GC
Country Japan
Application Direct and Indirect Restorative
Type Anterior
Material Nanohybrid
Polymerization Light-Cure
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کامپوزیت فوق العاده

از بهترین کامپوزیت های موجود در بازار برای درمان ونیر. به دلیل نانو بودن پس از پالیش نهایی سطح براق و زیبایی به جا میذاره...درست مثل مینای دندان طبیعی. میزان لب پر شدن و تغییر رنگش خیلی پایین هست.

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کامپوزیت گرادیا و جینالیال

هردو کیفیت خوبی دارن اما کامپوزیت های جینالیال برای کارهای زیبایی و ونیر خیلی بهتره. من که ازش راضی ام.

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GC - G-aenial Anterior Composite

GC - G-aenial Anterior Composite

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