Medicept - Flow Plus Composite

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کاوه پارسیان طب

flow plus


Flow Plus Composite 


Flow Plus is a flowable, light-cure hybrid resin restorative suitable for Class III, Class IV, and Class V restorations. Additional functions include: repair of enamel defects, repair of porcelain restorations, minor occlusal build-ups in non-stress bearing areas, pit and fissure sealant, cement for ceramic/composite veneers, incisal abrasions, and core buildups. This unique composite which incorporates BIS-GMA chemistry along with a proprietary glass filler (approximately 60%) yields a flowable nonslumping restorative material. It’s combination of flowability and direct-application system simplifies material placement and minimizes finishing, which results in a consistently superior restoration. An Ideal Choice for Both anterior and posterior applications , easy to polish to get a high luster. Flow plus has high compressive strength as well as low shrinkage and resists wear and staining. Radiopaque for easy identification in radiographs.

Company Medicept
Country Denmark
Application Direct Restorative
Type Flowable
Material Microhybrid
Polymerization Light-Cure

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Medicept - Flow Plus Composite

Medicept - Flow Plus Composite

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