About us

Our company

We, the experts and specialists in different fields, have started this business since 2009 in Takta Afarin Fanavaran Isatis firm with the following registration number: 10772. We have developed our activities in 2013 with the help of Dandal’s website in order to be able to help Iran’s dental community by presenting some scientific and precise information about our products related to dentistry and implantology. We provide implant systems and dental equipment with the assistance of the experience and success of Takta afarin’s researchers and experts. Since we highly believe that “everyone knows best”, we have provided an ambiance based on the latest global standards by using the best of digital world so that our respected users help us by presenting their professional experiences and comments about dentistry, with presentation of scientific facts.

Our services:

  • the investigation and vocational training with implant systems and supplementary services;
  • providing a suitable background for expressing opinions and experiences;
  • investing dental equipment and supplementary services;
  • providing innovative services to dental addresses.

Our team


We are honored to have the most well-known and eminent specialist and university professors both in Iran and abroad on board in order to attain our goal especially to have better consultations services.

Cooperation with us:

As our goal is to provide Iran’s dentistry and implantology community, we look forward the entire specialist’s cooperation in this field and we invite everyone to contact Dandal.


Plus there was a lot of useful information on your website; I was highly impressed by your friendliness and tips.

Mohsen Sh.

I wanted to get more information about implant, that my dentist had already introduced me, when I found your website. The next time when I had an appointment with my dentist, my information took the Doctor by surprise. He had a better behavior with me and I even got good discount. Thanks for your information. I wish you all the best.”

Hamid F.