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FKG company started its activity in 1931 and since 1997 has developed its Endo Equipment Rotary and has begun the production RaCe family.


FKG - RaCe


RaCe (Reamer with alternating Cutting edges) features:

  • Superior design
  • Quickness
  • Efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Appropriate canal Shaping


  • The cutter section of the file extended as a straight zone, a twist and then a straight zone and angles of each twist are alternately. One of the biggest problems of rotary file (screw in effect) has been fully resolved.


  • With elongation, the problems of screw in effect and rotational torque for continue the rotating during cutting have been minimized and reduce the risk of exceeding the file tolerance. Also, with increasing the rotation speed, more precise cuts are possible in a short time.


  • File cross-section is as a triangle with three acute  and cutter angles. The triangular cross-sectional, reduce the metal volume that which increase the file flexibility. The acute angles of file edges provide visible effective cuts.
  • The tip of the file is round and acute angles-free that designed to keep the file correctly in the canal way.


  • The wide grooves of file gather the debris and facilitate leading it out of the canal.
  • The file is polished by electrochemical method which increase the sharpness of files, reduce the risk of fractures by eliminating microscopic cracks and increase reliability of file sterilization.




  • Innovation of file design enables the possibility of crossing the broken pieces in the canal and continue to clean up the canal by hand files.
  • By placing the colored Safety Memo Discs (SMD) on the file body, controlling the stress and determining the remaining useful life is possible.





  • Color of the SMDs represent taper of the file. Yellow for 10% and 2%, black for 4% and 8% and blue for 6% taper.




  • Size of the file tip has been determined by color code on the file batch.
  • In this system a wide range of different sizes and taper (2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10%) are available and file lengths are 21, 25 and 30 mm.


  • Cause of the no screw in effect, the dentist will be able to choose the appropriate method depending on the canal morphology such as Crown Down, Step Back, Step Down and etc.
  • PreRaCe included four files with 19 mm length and 9 mm cutter section for coronal canal preparation to top of the curve.




  • It has a various variety and wide range of tapers (2%, 4% and 6%) for middle and 1/3 apical preparation.
  • Short and long handle files (CM & GM) for angle with small and large heads are available.
  • To start, Easy RaCe kit for most canals and Xtreme RaCe kit for intense curved canals have been offered but it depend on canal morphology and dentist experience.


FKG- Xtreme and easy RaCe


  • RaCe have been provided hand files for intense curvature cases to reduce the risk of breaking in canal.
  • The BioRaCe kit philosophy is cause of the much longer than average diameter of the foramen apical in most canals and for cleaning and acquiring a round canal without any debris we have to use high taper files for reaching the apex and then other files to widening 1/3 apical.




  • BioRace kit has the same features of RaCe files.  Just the sequence of use and tip size by numbers of grooves on the batch file has been determine.
  • BioRaCe has two basic and extended kit. The basic kit has 6 files that used for most canals and extended kit has 4 files, two for intense curvature apical and two for preparation of wide and straight canals.


FKG - BioRaCe - ExtendedFKG - BioRaCe - Basic



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First Release Date: 31/Dec/2014

Last Modified: 27/Nov/2015


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nazar bedin

man faghat seri race estefade kardam file dastim az markae dige migiram,baghie seri hasho kasi estefade karde?

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این فایل های واقعا از لحاظ کیفیت حرف نداره اما اینقدر تنوع داره که یکم گیج کننده هست ولی من در کل راضی هستم

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FKG Rotary Files - RaCe

FKG Rotary Files - RaCe




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