Saeshin - X Cube Motor

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X-Cube Surgical Engine is a user-friendly and powerful motor that is useful for general oral surgeries and implantology. Since 1976 Saeshin in Korea has manufactured micro motor headpieces. It is known for its researches and quality in the world.

X-cube Engine Specifications:

  • Autoclavable and 20:1 Push button Contra-angle
  • Different models with different voltages (110,120,230)
  • LCD and simple menu

Dio - X-cube


  • BLDC motor with Speed range 0 to 50000rpm
  • Torque: 20:1 (5.0 - 55 Ncm)
  • RPM range:20:1 Angle: 30 - 2500

Dio - X-cube   

  • Speed control: 18-1560 rpm at 32:1 ratio (It is recommend for implant positioning)

Dio - X-cube  

  • No noise and vibration to improve the surgery
  • Ergonomic foot control pedal
  • Membrance touch display
  • Self-diagnosis function

Dio - X-cube

  • 9 programmable memories for setting the speed, torque, direction of Rotating and irrigation pump
  • Automatic overload protection function
  • Actual RPM display for user's working condition
  • Motor auto-calibration function by program number 0 (zero)
  • Strong and quiet water pump (5 stage-control)
  • Available reduction Gear Ratio: 1:5, 1:4, 1:1, 20:1, 27:1, 16:1, 32:1, 64:1


1. Hanger
2. Foot control pedal
3. Control box
4. Power cord
5. Motor stand
6. Irrigation tube
7. Internal spray nozzle
8. Motor cap for autoclave
9. Wrench
10. Angle
11. Handpiece
12. Tube holder
13. Tube clamp
14. Y-Connector

Dio - X-cube



CountrySouth Korea
RPM range0-50000rpm
Torque range5-55Ncm
Height | Width | Depth205mm | 210mm | 136mm
Foot ControlCorded - Multifunctional
Display ScreenSimple
Type of TechnologyNon-Optic
Optic AdjustmentNo
Handpiece20:1 Contra-angle
Auto CalibrationYes
Motor TypeBLDC
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باکیفیت ترین موتور ایمپلنت

بسیار عالی از نظر قیمت، گارانتی و کیفیت

    Worth Buying

    خیلی ممنون از دندال که به من کمک کرد تا بهترین انتخاب رو داشته باشم٬ بین موتور dio و dentis و saechin نمیدونستم کدوم رو انتخاب کنم وقتی با دندال تماس گرفتم بهم گفتن تنها این موتور هست که هم آنگل و هم موتور و پدال رو گارانتی میکنه. موتور dio آنگل رو گارانتی نمیکنه٬ dentis هم فقط آنگل رو گارانتی می کنه.

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      Saeshin - X Cube Motor

      Saeshin - X Cube Motor

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