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Komet - Peri-implantitis Set

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Periimplantitis Set 4656

- For oral work and smoothing of titanium implants as part of the surgical/resective treatment of periimplantitis

- According Dr. Martin Dürholt

- Rotary instruments egg and flame, instrument length 30 mm each, in a sterilizable bur block.


The instruments facilitate the gentle removal of contaminated micro and macro surface structures of titanium implants. They are equally suited for efficiently smoothing the implant surface.

Thanks to their shape and length, these instruments are suitable for work on hard-to-access areas even in case of firmly anchored restorations.


Depending on the accessibility of the implant and the implant neck/shoulder, the operator can choose between egg (H379/H379UF) or flame (H48L/H48LUF) shaped instruments. Both instruments are available with normal toothing (red ring) or ultra-fine toothing (white ring).




Intended for use in the red contra-angle, the instruments are preferably guided around the implant in an anti-clockwise direction. This is to reduce the risk of the instrument drifting during the treatment and to guarantee excellent control at all times.


Range of application:

• Surgical treatment of periimplantitis

• Mechanical cleaning and smoothing of implant surfaces made of pure titanium



• Total length of 30 mm: Deep regions can be reached with ease

• Smooth result: The instruments come with a normal and an ultra-fine toothing. Used in combination, these can achieve a remarkably smooth surface


Clinical sequence:

1. Initial situation: Implant supported bar construction with prosthetic restoration, region 13 - 17, milled non-precious metal bar.

2. Exposure of the peri-implant bone defect 16 after removal of the bar.

3. Removal of the macroscopic surface structure with the red-ring, egg-shaped instrument H379, taking care not to damage the implant shoulder. The instrument has a total length of 30 mm which enables it to reach all areas with ease, even in cases of non-removable superstructures.

4. The required very fine surface is created with an ultrafine instrument of identical shape. We advise against proper polishing of the surface, for example with silicone polishers, because of the residues this would leave behind (silicon film, particles).

5. The clean titanium surface after treatment. The photo shows that the connection for the implant abutment is still intact. Any titanium chips have been removed with a sterile nylon brush beforehand.

6. Closure of the wound. Control and removal of the stitches after 7 days.






Recommendations for use:

• The instruments are intended for rotary use with very low contact pressure (<2N). Keep instrument moving continuously and cool sufficiently with sterile cooling liquid.

• The optimum speed of these instruments is 40.000 rpm in a red contra-angle.

• Do not use the instruments for leverage.

• For reprocessing, use an anti-corrosive disinfecting and cleaning agent.


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Komet - Peri-implantitis Set

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