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Quality Aspirators - Flip-Up Loupe
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Quality Aspirators - Flip-Up Loupe

Quality Aspirators - Flip-Up Loupe

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Q-Optics Flip Style Loupes provide the ideal blend of a wide viewing area and a large amount of magnification. The hinge system features a direct vertical adjustment that improves line of sight viewing and maximizes the viewing area by keeping the loupes closer to the eye. The Flip Style Loupes come with a choice of frame styles and colors.


Features and Benefits

• Laser-aligned and ready to wear
• Super light weight (48 grams – Including Titanium Frame!)
• Direct vertical adjustment– improves line of sight through the center of the telescope
• Waterproof – wash, wet, or soak
• Coated Lenses – broadband military grade - Anti-scratch - Anti-fog - Anti-reflection
• Precision torque hinges
• Titanium frame, safety frame, or sport frame
• Lifetime Guarantee covers frame (Titanium only), hinge, and optical seal


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Quality Aspirators

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Quality Aspirators - Flip-Up Loupe

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