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DigiMed - Prox Wireless Portable X-Ray Camera

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Portable Dental X-Ray; PROX 

1. User Friendly design 
2. Wireless portable X-Ray available for both separate use or attached use 

3. DC High frequency circuit for less patient exposure and better quality 
4. Automatic power interception 

5. Micro-computer with specialized circuitry for more precise exposure 
6. Optimized X-Ray device with digital sensors 

7. Accurate and various time control methods that enable to control by 0.01 second step from 0.01 to 1.6 second. 
8. Exposure rate is automatically set according to object age or body part and also the set values can be easily changed with pre-programmed buttons 

9. More than 300 times of consecutive use is available with high capacity rechargeable battery. 
Stable with P.C.M(Protected Circuit Module) application.

10. Female users can easily handle this device without any inconvenience (H.V Unit Manufacturing Method is patented) 

11. Minimized covering since most parts including x-ray Tube, high voltage generator, P.C.B and Cone(radiation field limit device) are shielding with lead 
12. A wide range of application to satisfy any kind of purposes with various options like mobile stand, wall mount stand.



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First Release Date: 25/Jun/2016

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Data sheet

  • South Korea
  • DC 24V
  • DC High Frequency
  • 60kv
  • 2mA
  • Stationary
  • 20°
  • 8.5Khu
  • 0.8mm
  • 0.01~1.6 sec (0.01 step)
  • 1.6mm Aluminium
  • AC100~240V

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DigiMed - Prox Wireless Portable X-Ray Camera

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