EVE - TWIST Polisghing Discs for Composite

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The innovative lamellar shape and The flexibility and the resulting adaptation to any surface structure facilitates polishing in inaccessible places, such as occlusions.




EVE presents a special product series for processing temporary materials in the dental lab. EVE Diatemp offers the dental technician an effective polishing solution for temporary and permanent acrylic
materials, PMMA, hybrid ceramics, hybrid composites and veneer acrylics.


Diamond impregnated 2-stage polishing system Best results, also on very hard composites Applicable on all composites.



medium / fine
10.000 – 12.000 min-1




+ Advantages:

1. An instrument for every dental surface
The lamellae adapt to the surface structure. This means the use of different geometries is no longer mandatory.


2. Preservation of the surface structure
In contrast to conventional polishing systems, the previously prepared surface is not modified. The original structure is preserved.


3. Reduced heat generation
The open shape of the TWIST polishers ensures a constant air supply and reduces the frictional heat arising. This results in lower heat generation and material-friendly polishing.


4. Extraordinary durability
The low wear of the polishing lamellae during processing leads to a hitherto unrivalled durability for the polishing instruments. All TWIST polishers for use in the contra-angle handpiece are approved for processing.


5. Intuitive application
The application of TWIST polishers is intuitive. Outstanding results are achieved with the very first application.


6. Brilliant polishing results
The lamellar shape significantly increases the contact area to the material processed as compared with traditional polishing systems and therefore makes the polishing process more efficient. Outstanding polishing results can now be achieved in next to no time.


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    EVE - TWIST Polisghing Discs for Composite

    EVE - TWIST Polisghing Discs for Composite

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