VDW - Reciproc Rotary File Assorted


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RECIPROC – Root canal preparation with an innovative twist!

The RECIPROC instrument alternates between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Due to the fact that the rotation in the cutting direction is larger than the reverse rotation, the instrument advances towards the apex. The reciprocating movement relieves stress on the instrument and, therefore, reduces the risk of cyclic fatigue caused by tension and compression (De-Deus et al. 2010; Varela-Patiño et al. 2010). At the same time, reciprocation ensures that the instrument stays centred in the canal.


The reciprocating movement allows root canals to be prepared with one single instrument.




Easy - Safe - Time saving



How RECIPROC works?


Preparation Step by Step

Ensure you have achieved a straight line access to the root canal entrance.


  • Place irrigant in the access cavity of the root canal.
  • Introduce the RECIPROC instrument into the canal. Press the motor foot pedal when orifice is reached.
  • Move the instrument in a slow in-and-out pecking motion. The amplitude of the in-and-out movements should not exceed 3 mm. Only very light pressure should be applied. The instrument will advance easily in the canal. One in-and-out movement = 1 peck. Remove the instrument from the canal after three pecks.
  • Clean the debris from the flutes in the Interim Stand.
  • Irrigate the canal.
  • Make sure the canal is free to approx. 3 mm beyond the prepared canal section with an ISO size 10 C-PILOT File.


In this way, continue with the RECIPROC instrument until full working length has been reached.



Gutta-percha filling material can be removed from the root canal with the RECIPROC R25.

  • Remove the bulk of the gutta-percha in the coronal third of the canal with an appropriate instrument e.g. Gates Glidden drill or an ultrasonic instrument such as VDW.ULTRA.
  • Use a drop of solvent (e.g. eucalyptus oil) as required.
  • Use R25 as described until working length has been reached. If resistance is encountered, do not apply pressure. Remove the instrument from the canal, replace a drop of solvent and try again.
  • Use a brushing motion against lateral walls to remove residual obturation material.
  • After reaching working length with R25, use R40 or R50 for an increased apical enlargement, as necessary. 
File Number40/50
Number Of Files In Pakage6
Taper0.05 | 0.06
Torque rangeMax. 4Ncm
TypeRotary - One file system
Speed of Rotation350rpm

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VDW - Reciproc Rotary File Assorted

VDW - Reciproc Rotary File Assorted

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