Biohorizons - Tapered Internal Surgical Kit
Biohorizons - Tapered Internal Surgical Kit

Biohorizons - Surgical Kit

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Tapered Internal Surgical Kit

  • Includes the instrumentation required to place:
  • Tapered Plus
  • Tapered Internal
  • Tapered 3.0
  • Laser-Lok 3.0

biohorizons kit


• Versatile, removable, hinged lid
• 40% smaller and 40% lighter than other kits
• Easy to disassemble and assemble during cleaning
• Implant staging area for implant vials during surgery
• Use to place Tapered Plus, Tapered Internal, Tapered 3.0 and Laser-Lok 3.0
• Empty spare slots for other instrumentation such as stop drills or extended shank drills


The surgical kit features an intuitive color-coded layout that guides the surgeon through the instrument sequence. The drilling section is color-coded by implant diameter. The implant driver section is color-coded by prosthetic connection.

biohorizons surgical kit



HD drill  

The Tapered HD drills feature highly efficient, fully anodized cutting flutes for crisp osteotomies in even the densest bone. The guaranteed corrosion-free surface is non-reflective under bright operatory lights. The simplified drill markings correspond to the six Tapered Internal family implant lengths. Drills should be replaced every 12-20 osteotomies for maximum cutting efficiency.

biohorizons-hd drill biohorizons drill



• Cutting flutes designed for maximum efficiency
• Anodized drill tips for easy identification
• Guaranteed corrosion-free
• Non-reflective surface for high visibility
• Simplified drill markings match each implant length
• Compatible with Tapered Internal, Plus, 3.0 and Tissue Level
• Creates 12-20 osteotomies depending on bone density
• Recommended drill speed 1,500-2,000 rpm (2.0 & 2.5mm), 1,000 rpm (all others)

biohorizons drill sequence

** Note: The 2.8mm drill is used for the 3.4mm diameter implant, it is not needed for other sizes.


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Biohorizons - Surgical Kit

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