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VOCO - Remin Pro Fluoride Cream

VOCO - Remin Pro Fluoride Cream

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Remin Pro

Protective dental care with fluoride and hydroxy apatite



  • After whitening
  • After professional cleaning
  • Prevention and control of hypersensitivities
  • During orthodontic treatment


   remin pro - voco


+ Advantages

  • Contains fluoride, hydroxy apatite and xylitol
  • Provides a balanced oral flora and thus protects the teeth against harmful acid attacks
  • Strengthens the teeth after whitening and professional cleaning
  • Cariostatic properties from the contained xylitol
  • Available in three aromatic flavours (melon, mint and strawberry)
  • Can be used daily and especially well-suited for use at home
  • Simple application


remin p[ro - voco


how to apply Remin Pro


remin pro - voco


Apply a pea sized portion using your finger or cotton swab making sure to cover all tooth surfaces or Apply a pea sized portion to a soft toothbrush and lightly brush across all tooth surfaces or Apply Remin Pro in a custom tray as directed by your dental professional.

Expel any leftover material. Remin Pro should remain in the mouth for 3 minutes, uninterrupted.


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VOCO - Remin Pro Fluoride Cream

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