FGM - HP Maxx 35% in Office Whitening mini Kit


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فروش توسط: تکتا آفرین فناوران ایساتیس - دندال

Whiteness HP Maxx is a 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel for the whitening of vital and non-vital teeth. The product contains a combination of special tints that acts as an absorbing barrier (changes from intense carmine color to green). When irradiated with light it converts the light into thermal energy, which accelerates the peroxide process penetration in the dental structure. This accelerates the whitening process. Additionally to the tints, the product contains an inorganic load that acts as a barrier and collector of heat waves. This barrier allows the heat waves been used into the gel for the whitening process acceleration and consequently avoiding that they hit directly the pulp increasing its temperature and generating sensitiveness.



  • 1 bottle with 4g of concentrated hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 bottle with 2g of thickener
  • 1 bottle with 2g of peroxide neutralizing solution – Neutralize (FGM)
  • 1 spatula
  • 1 plaque for gel preparation
  • 1 syringe of Top dam with 1g
  • 3 applicator tips


• Presented in two phases, peroxide and thickener, which allows for the manipulation of the just necessary quantity of the product. As examples, for a single tooth or a region of the tooth and whitening retouches, avoiding waste of material.

• The two phase’s presentation allows for a better product shelf life (2 years).

• Versatility in the combination with the domestic use technique.

• The complete kit allows for 18 applications.

• It has heat blocker in the composition to minimize the sensitiveness that can be caused by accelerating sources.

• It comes with an enzymatic solution (Neutralize) container which is used when an accidental contact of the peroxide with the patient´s mucosa happens.

• It can be used on the whole arcades or on individual tooth.

• Excellent viscosity.

• Indicated for vital and non-vital teeth.

• Neutral PH.

• Quicker.

• More efficient in the reduction of sensitiveness to the treatment.

• Better cost/benefit ratio.

• Mixing system at the preparation moment, without losses due to excess or lack of material.

• It can be used with or without source of acceleration.

• As its predecessor, Whiteness HP (FGM), the Whiteness HP Maxx also has color transition that ends in a light green tone, facilitating its visualization for the moment of removal presenting no risks of pigmentation.

• The product preparation system is identical to its predecessor, where two phases are mixed together at the very moment of application.

• Its content normally is sufficient for the whitening of 6 arcades (3 applications in each arch).

• For having a wider spectrum for light absorption, Whiteness HP Maxx accelerates the whitening process, which makes it more agile and economical, both for the dentist and the patient.

• It was developed to allow reduced sensitiveness to the treatment, a very important factor to guarantee the comfort and safety for the patient.


Company FGM
Country Brazil
Type Office
Function Light/Chemical
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FGM - HP Maxx 35% in Office Whitening mini Kit

FGM - HP Maxx 35% in Office Whitening mini Kit

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