Maquira - Elastomer Syringes

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Elastomer Syringes

The elastomer injector is used for handling the elastomer easily, a molding material. Made of thermoplastic materials.



- Used for mold of the dentin preparation for making crowns
- Compatible with silicone (Addition / Condensation)
- Avoids bubbles forming in the application
- No Autoclavable
- It has one brush for cleaning process.
- It has auxiliary pieces to facilitate the ion of the elastomer syringe.


In order to sterilize the injector, it is indicated the chemical sterilization. Only the nozzles are autoclavable.


How to use?

1. Attach the auxiliary ring to the tube of the injector.

2. Put the elastomer in the ring and insert it into the tube by pushing it with the other auxiliary piece.

3. With the elastomer completely inside the tube, remove the ring and replace it by the plunger.

4. Apply the elastomer.


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    Maquira - Elastomer Syringes

    Maquira - Elastomer Syringes

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