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swiss medi glaze

Medi Glaze (Medi Pearl Primer)

Glazing Agent

Medi Glaze is a single-component, Visible light-cure resin glaze component that provides a clear, transparent and smooth surface, consisting of a multifunctional Methacrylate monomer that provides excellent durability. It also eliminate the need for a manual polishing.


Features & Benefits
- Excellent adhesion to enamel, dentine, composite and glass ionomer materials
- No prior conditioning of the restoratives
- Natural glossy appearance is created
- Easy application


- Surface sealing of crowns , bridges and glass ionomer restoratives and composite restorations
- Sealing and protecting the adhesive interface between restoration and tooth structure
- Protecting glass ionomer cement surfaces from the diffusion of moisture
- Sealing glass ionomer liners/build-up prior to impression with alginate

Reference : 3046-G

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SwissMediTec - Medi Glaze

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