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Memo 3D Annuloplassty Ring - Sorin Group Italia srl
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Memo 3D Annuloplassty Ring - Sorin Group Italia srl
Memo 3D Annuloplassty Ring - Sorin Group Italia srl

Sorin - Memo 3D Annuloplassty Ring


Annuloplasty Ring

Italy Made

Mitral Valve Repair

Ease of Implant

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Memo 3D functions equally well for both ischemic cardiomyopathy and degenerative mitral regurgitation, offering outstanding features and benefits such as:

  • Innovative cell-structure design
  • Exclusive Carbofilm coating technology
  • Physiological behavior
  • Ease of implant


The Right Balance of Rigidity and Flexibility To Support Any Repair

Memo 3D semi-rigid annuloplasty ring is truly the only ring you’ll ever need. 
Whether you’re looking for stability to support annulus remodeling - or seek flexibility to allow natural motion of the annulus, the unique features of Memo 3D provide superior performance in both environments.



3d Innovative Ni-Ti Cell Structure


The varying dimensions of the Ni-Ti cell structure of Memo 3D allows for true physiological movement in all 3 dimensions. This helps to reduce stress on the repair by allowing the prosthesis to better accommodate the natural motion of the mitral annulus. The cell structure is optimized to provide a progressive degree of flexibility from the anterior to posterior portions of the ring.



Shape Memory


The Ni-Ti alloy core “remembers” a prefixed shape after geometric deformation and can be flexed back and forth without losing its original form. Memo 3D’s shape memory provides consistent recovery of the systolic profile and restores the natural systolic diameter ratio.



Unique Saddle Shape Configuration


The true physiological 3D motion of the ring during the cardiac cycle preserves the natural non-planar geometry saddle shape of the annulus. Recent clinical data have demonstrated that Memo 3D is able to accommodate the physiological saddle shape of the mitral annulus throughout the cardiac cycle upon implantation.



Ease of Implant


Ensuring a better fit
The Memo 3DTM semirigid annuloplasty ring facilitates easier implantation with superior visualization, placement, and attachment. The oval cross section of the silicone sheath provides more material foreasier needle penetration. White suture guidelines on the underside of Memo 3D providean excellent visual reference point for easier suturing.



Exclusive Carbofilm Coating


The bio/hemocompatible properties of the unique Carbofilm coatingallows complete endothelialization, prevents inflammatory reaction and scar tissue formation. Designed to maintain physiological dynamics in the long term.



Memo 3DTM semirigid annuloplasty ring: Ni-Ti Alloy core covered by silicone and polyester fabric coated with CarbofilmTM


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Sorin - Memo 3D Annuloplassty Ring

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