VDW - Raypex6 Apex Locator

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High-tech design apex locator with "touch and zoom" for precise length determination. 




- Visualisation of the apical constriction section
- Unique, 3D-style colour touch screen
- Smart user interface
- Foldable and pocket-sized design
- Built-in demo mode
- Automatic function check
- Rechargeable battery


+ Advantages

1- Precise length determination

- Latest multi-frequency apex locator technology
- Automatic calibration
- Separate RAYPEX Apical Zoom shows the enlarged section between apical constriction and apical foramen


2- User-friendly interface

- Unique colour touch screen for smart operation
- Intuitive menu for setting options


3- Three modes

- DEMO mode for clear information to patient

- Built-in CHECK mode for smooth functional test of device and cables, in case of questionable measuring result:

- Customisation for individual preference

      * Choice between 2 sounds and 2 background display colours
      * Easy setting of optional Dr´s Choice apical line






4- Foldable housing for protected storage

- Dimension in Folded mode: Width 101mm, Length 110mm, Thickness 27mm



Unit Includes:

1x RAYPEX 6 apex locator
1x Charger
1x Tester for operation check
1x measurement cable
2x lip clips
2x file clips
1x touch probe 



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Data sheet

  • VDW
  • Germany
  • Yes
  • 350gr
  • 101mm | 97mm | 110mm
  • NiMH Rechargeable Battery
  • Touchable LCD
  • Up to 250 Case
  • Yes
  • 98%
  • Yes
  • Yes

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VDW - Raypex6 Apex Locator

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