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Best Accuracy in any root canal condition (Dry, Bleeding, Wet, Saline, EDTA, NaOCI, or Chlorhexidine and etc.)
i-ROOT is a 5th generation electronic apex locator using dual frequencies.
Apical constrictions can be measured exactly thanks to the core technology inherited and improved from e-Magic Finder (EMF-100 & DLX) series apex locator.


Measurement by both eyes and ears simultaneously
i-ROOT provides apex measurement information for your eyes and ears with a color graph and a beep sound.
When the file advances towards the apex, intermittent beep sounds start to play for notification.
The moment the file reaches the apex, i-ROOT plays long beep sounds while the red "apex" text on the LCD screen start to flicker for convenient and easy measurement.


Color Display
From 2.0 to 1.0, i-ROOT's color bar graph stays in blue, and it changes into green from 0.9 to 0.5 and red from 0.4 to -0.5. Also, the tooth-shaped color icon will flicker from 0.5 to -0.5 for quick and easy identification of reaching the apex.

Stylish and ergonomic design
i-ROOT makes your clinic more professional with simple but ergonomic and refined appearances.
Its streamlined body provides comfort, and comes with 3 different colors (yellow, purple, blue)

Ease of use
i-ROOT comes with 2 different file holders, one of which is a typical hook-based type generally used by dentists, and the other one, stick type is specifically designed for reaching deep into the mouth for molar teeth.

Self-test in case of failure
Auto power-off for saving battery life
Stability and durability for maximum usage

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Data sheet

  • Meta Biomed
  • South Korea
  • Yes
  • 390gr
  • 110mm | 100mm | 117mm
  • 2 Lithium-Ion battery DC4.1V 2200mAh
  • Coloured LCD
  • 60hours
  • Yes
  • 98.5%
  • No
  • Yes

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Meta - iRoot Apex Locator

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