Amann Girrbach - Artex CR Articulator

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Artex Type CR Articulator


Model management articulator and universal diagnosis and therapy unit in Arcon design

Produced by the dental technician in an articulator, a dental prosthesis must function with-out a problem for the patient. An articulator is a great way to emulate the patient‘s move-ments, saving the dentist chair-side time and the patient quite a bit of pain. The reproducible centric rela-tion ensures safe starting and end positions of every jaw movement. The Artex articula-tor can discover, check and remove any defects smaller than 20 µm.

Lightweight, stable, ergonomic and very precise – the Artex articulator facilitates and accel-erates work on the model. It is practice-oriented, reliable and competitively priced. For these reasons, the Artex brand enjoys such a good reputation and its articulators are among the most popular world-wide. The Artex product range employs a modular design and is focused on features that are really necessary.



  • Provides comprehensive adjustment possibilities to reproduce the patient’s clearance and movement dynamics
  • Fully adjustable Artex Carbon articulator offering the additional functions


Additional Functions:

  • Variable sideshift function for transversal clearance, adjustable from 0 to 1.5 mm (for each side)
  • Variable protrusion, adjustable from 0 to 6 mm
  • Variable retrusion, adjustable from 0 to 2 mm
  • Distraction permitting release of compressed mandibular joints from 0 to 3 mm
  • Ideal for model analysis, splint manufacture and correction
  • Adjustable inclination of the condyle track inclination from -20° to +60°
  • Bennett angle adjustable from -5° to +30°


Reference : 218760

Data sheet

  • Amann Girrbach
  • Austria
  • -20° to +60°
  • -5° to +30°
  • 0 to 6mm
  • 0 to 2mm
  • 0 to 1.5mm (per side)
  • 0 to 3mm
  • Centric lever for semi-axes
  • Arcon-Clip
  • Yes

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Amann Girrbach - Artex CR Articulator

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