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Dental X - Steriline B Class Autoclave
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Dental X - Steriline B Class Autoclave

Dental X - Steriline B 18Lit Autoclave

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The AQUARIUS sterilization systems are the state of the art in the sterilization field. 
Made out of advanced materials and components, the AQUARIUS sterilization systems combine, in a compact and elegant design, the performances of the most advanced hospital sterilization units.

The AQUARIUS 300 B systems are equipped with a powerful vacuum pump which enables the total air expulsion. 
Thanks to the pump's action, it is possible to sterilize in a reliably way any kind of material, including the internal surfaces of handpieces. Moreover, the pump generates a forced ventilation and a perfect drying up.

Complying with what requested by the norms, AQUARIUS 300 B systems can carry out the Bowie & Dick test and the Helix test 
In order to complete the offer, AQUARIUS 200 S is available with an advanced electronic air expulsion system that enable to fulfill the Class S requirements granting a simpler use and maintenance.




Fractionated Vacuum: (3-4 phases)


Alleviates any risks of air pockets around instruments which may prevent sterilization.

Ventilated Drying

Ensures instruments are completely dry at the end of the cycle, preventing re-contamination and corrosion.

Bacteriological Filter

During the drying phase, the filter ensures bacteriologically pure air (filtration factor 99.97%).

Differentiated Heating System

The system consists of 5 heating elements distributed evenly in the chamber. The 300B has 3 temperature probes and an intelligent control program. Key advantages include, higher precision of temperature control, improved efficiency leading to better drying and reduced energy consumption.

Self-Diagnostic & Troubleshooting

A self-diagnostic cycle is completed every time the Series 300B is switched on to verify the correct operation of the unit. This cycle can be completed at any time.

Double Water Tank

1 tank for the supply of clean water and a separate tank for waste. The continuous use of clean water reduces maintenance and the need for technical service.

Triple Safety Door

The door is equipped with a triple safety locking system which prevents unintentional opening during operation.

Computer Interface

Information can be recorded and monitored easily via a computer.

Integrated Printer (optional)

A print out from each cycle can be easily checked and stored.

Class B EN13060 : 2004

Capable of sterilizing a wide range of different instruments and equipment, including narrow lumens in hand pieces. In addition to a type B cycle, the Series 300B also provides a class S program ensuring maximum versatility of the machine.

Water Quality Control System

The water control system reduces the problems caused by poor water quality use and increase the reliability of the autoclave.

Bowie & Dick Test


Provides assurance of the machines ability to sterilize porous loads.


Helix Test

Provides assurance of the machines ability to sterilize objects with narrow lumens.

Vacuum Test

To check the integrity of the chamber and the vacuum system.

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Dental X - Steriline B 18Lit Autoclave

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