Mocom - B Futura 17Lit Autoclave

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لطفا در صورت نیاز به اطلاع رسانی جهت موجود شدن این کالا، ابتدا وارد حساب کاربری شوید سپس در همین صفحه گزینه "اطلاع بده" را انتخاب نمایید
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For over twenty-five years, safety, reliability and innovation have been the guiding principles behind all aspects of design and production at Mocom, the world’s leading sterilization firm. The factors that set mocom apart, in terms of both skill and innovation, are conscientious attention to the choice of materials, ground-breaking technology, enforcement of strict production/quality control protocols and the wealth of experience accumulated by our qualified, specialised sterilization system designers.

Mocom, sterilization first.




B Futura Autoclave

Technology and safety, the perfect sterilizer for the most demanding users.
B Futura is an ‘intelligent’ sterilizer and constitutes an indispensable work tool. High-performance and user-friendly, it ensures outstanding performance that takes up less time. The colour LCD touch-screen and user-friendly interface, which allows every single sterilization cycle to be traced, complete the machine's range of features. Three versions, 17, 22 and 28-litres, are available (all have the same overall machine dimensions), to meet every possible professional need.




mocom  Reliability and safety
Mocom sterilizers ensure maximum hygiene, full compliance with safety protocols and certified quality. A perfect blend of user-friendliness, high performance and utmost safety.


mocom  Treatment of any load type
Class B sterilizers can be used to sterilize any instrument. With B Futura, in fact, any type of load can be sterilized: hollow items, porous or solid materials.


mocom  Efficiency
Sterilization cycle speed has a positive impact on productivity. Utilisation of specific components (such as the instantaneous steam generator) means lower consumption and considerable energy savings.


mocom  Ergonomics
Three different models provide load capacities of 17, 22 and 28 litres, all models having the same external dimensions. Three water connection points - frontal, upper and rear - make filling and draining easier.


Simplified water filling/draining procedure
Large hatches on the upper part of the sterilizer allow top loading and provide full access for tank inspection and sanitisation purposes while quick couplings on the frontal section allow fast filling and draining. The sterilizers can be equipped with automatic filling systems, such as a demineraliser with ion exchange resin cartridges or a reverse osmosis device.




Water control sensor
The in-tank sensor checks incoming water quality to ensure long-lasting machine performance. To safeguard the sterilizer and prevent any limescale damage, users can check water quality at any time.




Dust filter
The dust filter (on the machine underside) traps impurities in the cooling air and protects the sterilizer
interior and steam condensation system. Easy to maintain, it requires no replacement tasks, just periodic sanitisation.




mocom  Colour touch screen display
Thanks to the 4.3" LCD colour touch-screen, sterilization cycle management is simple and intuitive. Each check is represented by clearly understandable icons that make it easy to identify current machine status.


mocom  Advanced performance
The outstanding technological performance of B Futura is also confirmed at operative level: higher speed and lower water consumption make it one of the highest-performing sterilizers on the market. The vacuum pump has been designed to offer better performance compared to the Classic series.


mocom  Complete connectivity
Maximum integration with the surgery network: B Futura can be connected via an Ethernet port or the optional Wi-Fi. Cycle data and cycle progress can be transmitted and displayed on a computer, smartphone or tablet to allow completely safe, remote monitoring.


International settings
More than 20 languages and the unit of measure can be selected, making the B Futura sterilizer suitable for any surgery.




Delayed start
The delayed start option lets users programme the sterilization cycle so it can also be executed outside working hours.

Extra drying
To deal with particularly difficult loads, B Futura also lets users set an additional drying stage.




Data export
Cycle reports are saved automatically on the internal machine memory (able to store up to 1,000 cycles) and can be downloaded at any time via the USB port on the front of the unit. Files can be viewed in PDF format on any device without any need for additional software.




Custom cycle
Cycle parameters can be set to meet specific user needs (in complete safety) by choosing from among a wide range of standard-compliant values.

User ID
The user management function ensures the sterilizer interface can only be accessed by authorised personnel after entering an ID code: this also keeps a record of who has been using the machine.




LED light bar
On the B Futura a LED light bar is available: this ensures the work area opposite the sterilization chamber is perfectly lit and shadow-free, allowing tasks to be performed efficiently.




Optional printers
The standard printer allows sterilization cycle reports or simple labels to be printed, while the barcode printer, which can only be used on B Futura models, produces barcode labels containing all information relative to the sterilization cycle, making load traceability easier and faster.







Display ScreenTouchable LCD
Automatic warning checkYes
Chamber DimensionDiam.250xP.350mm
Built-in PrinterOptional
Over Night CycleYes
Chamber Capacity17Lit
Unit SizeL.480xD.600xH.500mm
Vacuum PumpYes
Chamber MaterialStainless Steel
Door-Locking MechanismElectromagnetic, Electrical & Dynamical
Immediate-Use (Flash) CycleAdjustable

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Mocom - B Futura 17Lit Autoclave

Mocom - B Futura 17Lit Autoclave


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