Euronda - E9 Med 18Lit Autoclave


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Simple, effective and compact, E9 Med is an autoclave that makes Class B sterilization accessible to everyone. Hidden behind its simple, user-friendly interface is an array of first-rate equipment, including a double head vacuum pump and a sophisticated microprocessor that constantly monitors the key parameters for effective sterilization. In addition, outstanding steam production is guaranteed with the steam generator. E9 Med can run 5 different type B cycles. It automatically traces all of the data from every cycle, which can then be printed with the built-in thermal paper printer and easily attached to pouches. Like every Euronda autoclave, it can be inspected and cleaned by the operator and it is easy to maintain thanks to its modular structure. 


• Class B autoclave conforming to the EN 13060 standard
• Manages 5 B-type sterilization cycles (121°, 134°, 134° Prion, 134° Rapido, 134° Prion Rapido) and 3 control tests (Vacuum, Helix, Bowie & Dick). Hollow and porous packed instruments can be sterilized in 25 minutes, using the Rapid cycle
• Moulded chamber in stainless steel and certified PED 97/23/EC (Directive for pressurized devices)
• Inspection® System: water tank group completely accessible and inspectionable for a perfect and complete cleaning as per the maintenance program and safeguard of the device
• Equipped with the Process Controller, a genuine assistant for the use of the machine which visualizes the phases of the sterilization cycles and carries out the evaluation of all the areas
• Large multilingual alphanumeric LCD display integrated in the command panel
• Serial port for E-Memory and data storage on SD card
• Water supply connection through Aquafilter
• Integrated thermal paper printer
• Steam generator edition (E9 Med S1) with integrated steam generating group available upon request


Technical Insights

Modular Structure

The water tanks can be completely opened and inspected; the lateral panels, made of light materials, are equipped by an easy an separate latch; the rear panel is independent and the base with a separate opening for the inspectionability of the steam generator guarantees an easy and quick access for the maintenance operations.


Cooling System

The condensation system mounted on the rear of the E9 Med and cooled by a fan keeps the condensation exiting the chamber in its interior by cooling it, and obtains the thermodynamic vacuum.



With an air-water separator as standard, for a longer working life.



Display with an interactive menu and a Process Controller that guides you and tells you when maintenance work is required.



Excellent sterilization quality thanks to the double head vacuum pump, steam generator and the controlling microprocessor.



A 24-litre model can fit into the same space as an 18-litre one.



Built-in thermal paper printer and E-Memory system, for traceable sterilization cycle data.



Optimized electricity and water consumption (1400 W, 600 ml)

Company Euronda
Country Italy
Model Bench-top
Weight 40Kg
Display Screen Simple LCD
Automatic warning check Yes
Memory 5
Chamber Dimension Diam. 250 x P. 340mm
Built-in Printer Yes
Over Night Cycle Yes
Chamber Capacity 18Lit
Unit Size L.450 x D.610 x H.445
Class B
Vacuum Pump Yes
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Door-Locking Mechanism Electromagnetic, Electrical & Dynamical
Immediate-Use (Flash) Cycle Yes

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Euronda - E9 Med 18Lit Autoclave

Euronda - E9 Med 18Lit Autoclave

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  • Asked by شیری
    on 09/07/2017
    باسلام چندروزیست در مرحله استریلاسیون لطفا منتظر باشید را نشان داده و هنگ میکنه Euronda.E9 میشه راهنماییم کنین درود برشما 09144049505 تلگرامم هستم Answer:
    سلام. با پشتیبانی یوروندا هماهنگی انجام شده و با شما تماس خواهند گرفت. در صورت نیاز لطفا مجدداً پیام بگذارید. از اعتماد شما سپاسگذاریم.
  • Asked by شریفی
    on 10/07/2018
    سلام چند روزی خطای 26 رو میده و وسط کار قطع میشه Answer:
    سلام. برای اطلاعات و راهنمایی بیشتر با شرکت آروند فن پارس لطفا تماس بگیرید.
  • Asked by خدانور آذین
    on 11/05/2018
    باسلام من کاردان تجهیزات دندانپزشکی در زاهدان هستم با اتوکلاوهای دنتین فراز آشنایی کامل دارم ولی اتوکلاو euronda و mocom دفتر چه خطا ها وعیب یابی ندارم تا بدانم چه قسمتی را تعمیر وسرویس کنم واکثر دندانپزشکان در رابطه با خرید اتوکلاو با بنده مشورت میکنند. Answer:
    سلام لطفا برای کسب دفترچه منوال و راهنمای این دو برند با شرکت واردکننده هر بک تماس بگیرید.