GC - Fuji Lining LC Glass Ionomer


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GC Fuji LINING LC (Powder-Liquid) is a light-cured glass ionomer that is used as a liner or a base under composite resin or amalgam restorations. It has a high-compressive strength, minimal polymerization shrinkage and extremely low solubility. GC Fuji LINING LC minimizes sensitivity and provides long-term fluoride release. It bonds well to the tooth structure and composite, creating the an ideal dentin substitute. This product also flexes and absorbs the stresses caused by the polymerization shrinkage, thermal expansion, and contraction of composite materials.


Indication: As a base or liner in prepared cavities.


Outstanding ionic bond

  • Very high compressive bond strength, tensile bond strength and diametral tensile strength
  • Assures strong bond to the tooth structure, composite resin and metal
  • Reduces the likelihood of marginal fractures and optimizes the marginal seal
  • Tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion maintains the marginal integrity
  • Low modulus of elasticity enables the material to flex and absorb stresses
  • Minimizes pre- and post-operative sensitivity and acts as a thermal insulator


Sustained, rechargeable fluoride release

  • Prevents secondary carries, which reduces the risk of decay at margins
  • Fluoride release is recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice


Low-film thickness

  • Less likely to fail from occlusal or masticatory forces, especially in shallow restorations
  • Allows material to easily spread without being runny


Low solubility

  • Minimizes the chance of washout
  • Less chance for micro-leakage



  • Radiopacity is similar to dentin
  • Facilitates oral diagnosis



  • Not irritating to the tooth structure, soft tissue, or pulp



  • Powder-Liquid Ratio: 1.4gm / 1.0gm
  • Mixing Time: 15-25 Seconds
  • Working Time at 23°C: 3 Minutes
  • Setting Time at 23°C: 30 Seconds Light-Cure
  • Cure Depth: 1.6


Company GC
Country Japan

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GC - Fuji Lining LC Glass Ionomer

GC - Fuji Lining LC Glass Ionomer

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