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WP Dental - Glass Liner

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glass liner

Glass Liner

Barium glass re-enforced Ionomer lining material

Glass Liner is a light-curing, flowable, radiopaque glass-ionomer lining material. Glass Liner can be used as a liner under any filling material, for extended fissure sealing and for the treatment of smaller lesions. Glass liner is thixotropic and thereby easy to handle. Also, it contains fluorides which remineralize the tooth enamel.


Suitable for lining, extended fissure sealing and the restoration of small lesions. Near the pulp, we recommend using Calcident 450 or Calcident LC first.



• Thixotropic
• Light-cure
• Radiopaque
• Contains fluoride



• The thixotropic property prevents uncontrolled flowing of the material
• Time saving due to light-curing
• Remineralization of the enamel through fluoride release



1 x 2 ml syringe + Tips

Reference : WP5602

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  • Willmann & Pein Dental
  • Germany
  • Liner
  • Light-Cure

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WP Dental - Glass Liner

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