Maquira - Light Curing Calcium Hydroxide


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مهرگان درمان شمیران

Hidrox-cal Dentine is a radiopaque light curing cavity liner composed of calcium hydroxide. This product is ready for use, allowing the professional to save time and producing less material waste. It allows for a protective liner under restorative materials, cements and other base materials, such as metal opacifier and reactionary dentin. This is a product with high resistance to the phosphoric acid used in acid etching procedures.



- Has the function as Protective Liner on restorative materials
- Light curing – allowing the dentist to save time and producing less material waste
- Does not cause alteration of color in the restoration, as it does not react with the Bis-GMA
- Material ready for use
- Highly resistant to phosphoric acid
- Adhesion to metal surfaces
- Material that is easy to handle
- Radiopaque; It does not contain Eugenol
- Exposure time - 20 Seconds (for light cure)


Package: 1 Syringe with 2g + 5 applicators


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Maquira - Light Curing Calcium Hydroxide

Maquira - Light Curing Calcium Hydroxide

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