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3M - Single Bond Universal
3M - Single Bond Universal
3M - Single Bond Universal
3M - Single Bond Universal

3M - Adper Single Bond 2

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adper single bond 2

Tooth Bonding

Adper Single Bond Adhesive offers greater confidence.

  • Superior bond strength provides exceptional bonding performance
  • Nanofiller is stable and will not settle – no shaking required.
  • Compatible with all light-cured composite restoratives available today.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent bonding to dentin and enamel
  • Doesn’t need shaking; nanofiller is stable and will not settle
  • Convenient bottle design allows easy opening and dispensing
  • Use for direct and indirect restorations



  • Direct, light-cured composite and compomer restorations
  • Bonding of ceramic veneers in combination with 3M ESPE RelyX Veneer Cement
  • Indirect restorations made of metal, ceramic or composite in combination with 3M ESPE RelyX ARC Adhesive Resin Cement
  • Desensitisation of sensitive cervical areas
  • Corrections and repairs to ceramics, PFM and composite restorations


adper single bond 2


Step by step - Dispensing from vial

Figure 1: Pinch the sides of the cap to release the mechanism.

Figure 2: Flip the cap back to reveal the dispensing tip.

Figure 3: Squeeze out the exact number of drops desired into the mixing well.

Figure 4: When finished, flip the cap back until it is secured by its locking mechanism.



Step by step – Direct light-cure restoration


  • Apply Scotchbond Etchant to enamel and dentin. Wait 15 seconds.
  • Rinse for 10 seconds.
  • Blot excess water using a cotton pellet or mini-sponge. Do not air dry.
  • The surface should appear glistening without a pool of water.


  • Immediately after blotting, apply 2-3 consecutive coats of adhesive for 15 seconds with gentle agitation using a fully saturated applicator.
  • Gently air thin for 5 seconds to evaporate solvent

Light cure:

  • Light-cure for 10 seconds.
  • Place restorative according to manufacturer specifications

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3M - Adper Single Bond 2

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