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The AlgOss Biotechnologies bone forming materials are the first and only natural biological products on the market based on plant origin. SIC natural graft, is entirely biological and inorganic with Phycogenic source. SIC nature graft is the most appropriate solution for natural bone regeneration.

SIC natural graft contains a natural calcium phosphate base, extracted from red marine algae which is a renewable resource. Corallina Officialis or Amphiroa are the red algal species which are harvested in French or South Africa Atlantic coasts.

The Lime-encrusted structure of the Algae is the main bone forming material of SIC nature graft.

The extremely porous three-dimensional hard tissue scaffold of the Algae, mostly contains calcium carbonate (CaCo3) in form of calcite. The Algae is made of calcite encrusted sections connected to one another.

Hydrothermal manufacturing procedure extracts biological Hydropeptide from red marine algae.
SIC- SIC invent AG  

SIC nature graft is clinically under the license of AlgOss Biotechnologies GmbH Company. This supply is CE standard since 1998 and has been authorized by the US FDA since 2003. It is sold by the SIC invent AG under the name of SIC nature graft since 2008.


Superiority of SIC nature graft can be summarized by Porosity, Absorption and Resorption.


1. Porosity:

SIC nature graft structure contains interconnecting porosity, honeycomb-like structure with rough surface.

These specifications enhances the osteoconduction and bone regeneration. The structure of SIC nature graft is comparable to the human dentin-a highly porous hydroxyapatite- which is very similar to the human bone.

2. Absorption:

The highly absorbent pore structure of SIC nature graft facilitates utilization and adequate stability within the application area. So, that is the advantage of SIC nature graft in compare to other conventional commercial materials.

The absorption of liquids such as blood, PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) and peptides (proteins) in clinical applications has been shown clearly. Thrombin coagulation helps to make a formable material.

3. Resorption:

Resorption of the material by osteoclasts was shown in histological studies. The SIC nature graft is replaced by new bone in 2-3 years and resorption kinetics allows adequate stability of the bone graft.

The original porous structure of the algal skeleton is preserved.

SIC nature graft is supplied in a white granular form, in 0.3-1.00 mm sizes and 0.5, 1 and 2 ml volumes



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SIC Nature Graft

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