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Tigran Technologies AB (pulp) is a dental sales and development company based in Sweden. Tigran offers a system for bone regeneration and implant osseointegration in the mouth. The technology is based on porous titanium granules acting as scaffolding for the body’s bone cells in the process to rebuild jawbone in order to place and stabilize implants and prevent further bone loss.


Tigran also develops instruments for optimized treatment and increased patient comfort in dental bone regeneration procedures. Tigran runs an extensive development program and has a number of published, submitted and on-going experimental and clinical studies. The company’s products, methods and technologies are covered by a strong intellectual property portfolio. The products are CE marked.

Tigran’s products are distributed through an international distribution network and the company’s own sales force.

Tigran Technologies has its origins in orthopedics. The first use of Tigran PTG was in 1987-88, when it was used for the fixation of hip prostheses, whereas the first dental application was in 1995. The titanium granules have been found to be superb scaffold for bone regeneration and provide effective initial mechanical stability and excellent long-term clinical results.



Why Titanium?

One of the major advances within dentistry is the introduction of titanium as a biomaterial for oral rehabilitation. Compared with other metals, titanium holds a unique position. With its excellent mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, low density and good biocompatibility it makes a remarkable metal that is incredibly strong and versatile.

Commercially pure titanium is today used frequently within dentistry and has been used for oral applications such as a dental implants for more than 40 years. It is a very well-studied and clinically documented biomaterial much suitable for dental restorations. Based on continued clinical use, a biological acceptance towards pure titanium has been established and documented.


1. Tigran PTG

Tigran PTG porous titanium granules- is made of commercially pure titanium and is a bone graft material. The granules are between 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm in size, irregularly shaped, porous and non-resorbable. The interconnected pores enable the bone cells to grow through and around the granules, creating a unique framework for osseo-integration and an exceptional stability. The granules are non-resorbable for a permanent volume fill, increasing implant fixation and aesthetic result.


2. Tigran PTG White

Tigran PTG White is bone-like in color and the granules are irregularly shaped, between 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm in size, porous and non-resorbable. Tigran PTG White is a supplement to Tigran PTG to be applied in more aesthetically visible areas such as the anterior of the jaw.



Tigran PTG and Tigran PTG White granules are distinguished by its non-resorbability. In combination with its irregular shape the granules interlock and form a stable integrated unit. When applied , Tigran PTG and Tigran PTG white should not be overfilled as the volume does not resorb over time.


Indications of Tigran PTG and Tigran PTG:

  • Sinus lift procedures with immediate installation of dental implants
  • Treatment of peri-implant bony defects
  • Filling augmenting or reconstruction of bony defects in the oral and maxillofacial regions


Tigran PTG is available in 0.5 and 1.5 ml and Tigran PTG White is available in 0.5 ml.


The Tigran method for preserving and regenerating bone is based on the unique ultra-porous titanium granules. Tigran PTG (Porous Titanium granules) is made of body-friendly titanium, known for more than 40 years as a superior material for dental implants. This novel bone regeneration material combines the superior biocompatibility, mechanical strength and osteoconductivity of titanium with an ultra-porous architecture that acts as an excellent scaffold for growth of new bone. Tigran PTG has many applications for dental bone regeneration, the most common are sinus lift, regeneration of bone in peri-implantitis defects and post-extraction socket fillings.


80% air and 20% pure titanium

  • Unique scaffold for bone in-growth
  • Optimal osseointegration
  • Normal drilling procedure can be used-soft titanium grade 1
  • None-resorable
  • Permanent volume fill
  • Predictable and long-term results
  • Optimal function and esthetics


Irregular shape & interconnected pores and trombogenic properties

  • Immediate mechanical stability
  • Quickly forms a blood clot-easy to handle
  • Super biological performance
  • Stick together-firm initial stability due to capillary forces


How to use Tigran PTG?

To ensure successful treatment results, please pay attention to these instructions and precautions:

  • Do not overfill. Material does not resorb at all, i.e. there is no volume change over time
  • Ensure that the surgical wound is completely closed and the granules properly covered. Primary wound stability is important
  • In wide cavities, cavities > 35 or with less than three walls consider membrane for improved primary graft stability
  • Ensure sufficient blood flow for granules to adhere and to form a stable blood coagulum. If necessary, make puncture holes in bottom of defect
  • Normal drilling procedure can be used. Use sharp burr
  • Pack granules gently, but enough to ensure optimal  interlocking and primary stability
  • Radioopaque. Can easily be seen on x-ray
  • Do not mix with other materials. It may clog porosities and act as lubricant and hinder clot formation
  • Easy to communicate to patients. Titanium has been used in dental applications for over 40 years

Tigran PTG & PTG white



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First Release Date: 20/Jan/2015

Last Modified: 29/Nov/2015


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Tigran - Titanium Graft

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