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The synthetic bone grafting material NanoBone, offers users a safe and efficient bone remodeling stimulator material. The effectiveness of NanoBone has confirmed in more than 5 years of use by 100,000 patients around the world.

Nano Bone participates actively in bone remodeling and thus promotes a natural process. The secret to success is the efficient nano-structurenano-crystalline hydroxylapatite (HA) as the main element of autologous bone which is embedded in a highly porous silica gel matrix. The silica gel stimulates the formation of collagen and bone.

The special structure of NanoBone results in an extremely fast bone formation. Clinical studies show that a stable implant bed is available in case of sinus floor elevation already after three months. other bone replacement material state an incorporation period of 9-12 months for this case. This is how the use of NanoBone can considerably reduce the treatment period.

On account of the nature-identical component HA and the organic matrix formed after a short time (matrix change of silica gel), the body recognizes NanoBone and the natural bone remodelingstarts. Osteoclasts resorb the granules. During the process, NanoBone is completely substituted by bone so that, in contrast to xenogenic bone replacement material, no residual foreign substances can influence natural biomechanics.

With respect to the possible triggering of allergies, the transmission of infections and ethical viewsNanoBone is a safe product.



  1. Implantology
  2. Maxillary and facial surgery
  3. Periodontics
  4. Oral surgery

The synthetic bone grafting material NanoBone is available as a granulate or block.


NanoBone Granulate

NanoBone Granulate is the first NanoBone technology product and was launched in 2005.

The NanoBone granules are produced in fine (0.6 ×2mm) and rough (1×2mm) sizes.

Application of NanoBone granules

The NanoBone granules have to be inserted in direct contact with the vital bone. On account of the mixing with blood, the proteins decisive for successful bone formation have already been provided. Nano structure enhances angiogenesis and thus quick bone formation.


NanoBone Putty

  • NanoBone putty can be directly applied into the defect without mixing anymore. NanoBone putty is an innovative material because of its easy handling and enourmes time saving.
  •  Synthetic and safe
  • NanoBone putty is synthetic bone grafting material and is connecting the advantages of NanoBone technology with a quick and easy handling. Due to that there is no risk of disease transmission.     


 NanoBone Putty




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First Release Date: 28/Jan/2015

Last Modified: 20/April/2015

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NanoBone Block

Recommendations for Nanobone block usage

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NanoBone information

Information on the synthetic bone grafting material

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NanoBone Putty

The synthetic bone grafting material is ready to use

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NanoBone Articles


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Putty NanoBone

Putty Nanobone estefadeyi besiar asan darad. dar ebteda az geranule estefade mikardam. ama aknoon estefade az putty ra tarjih midaham.

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NanoBone Graft - Artoss

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