B&B Dental - T Barrier Membrane

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1. T-Barrier Collagen Membrane

T-Barrier collagen membrane is a heterologous collagen for bone regeneration and wound healing.



  • Perfect biocompatibility
  • Complete resorption after 4/6 months
  • Osteoconductive and osteoinductive activity
  • Anti-inflammatory, eutrophic and cicatrizant properties
  • Easy to apply on the defect area


Clinical applicatons:

Oral surgery, Paradontology and implantology (Protection of the sinus membrane prior to insertion of graft material).



Each pack contains 2 membrane, Size: 23×23mm- Thickness 0.25mm

T-Barrier Bedental

2. T-Barrier Titanium Membrane with central hole

The titanium grid with central hole is suitable for cases of guided bone regeneration that requires the use of locking screw, included in package, which is screw into the implant. Implant and membrane can be placed in the same phase. The membrane can also be stabilized for a better fixing by using of ostheosynthesis screws.



  • Perfect biocompatibility
  • Easy to apply on the defect area
  • Easy to cut


Clinical applications:

The grid can be used in all cases of guided bone regeneration



They are supplied in blister packs, which are convenient, Non-toxic, Non-pyrogenic and sterile. Each pack contains two membranes.

Dimensions: 24×29mm

Thickness: 0.13mm

T-Barrier Bedental


Author: Review department of Dandal.ir

First Release Date: 2/Mar/2015

Last Modified: 15/Aug/2016

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Data sheet

  • B&B Dental
  • Italy
  • Xenograft | Titanium
  • 16-24Weeks
  • 24x29mm | 12x19mm | 20x14mm | 17x20mm
  • ISO

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B&B Dental - T Barrier Membrane

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