Artoss - NanBone Block

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NanoBone block

The NanoBone block offers a safe and rapid bone formation solution in the case of vertical and horizontal bone deficits. It has been developed from the synthetic bone grafting material. The NanoBone block is the alternative to the autogenous bone block. The synthetic block offers doctors a rapid operating procedure. There is no need for a second operation to remove bone.The low risk of complications and simple operation are two more advantages of the NanoBone block.


Product Description

The NanoBone block comes with a microplate and two titanium microscrews.

  • Block dimensions: 5×10×15 mm
  • Pre-drilled holes Ø1.7 mm, 6mm apart
  • Porosity approx. 80%
  • Brittle, also non-elastic subsequent to moistening
  • Packaging: Double-sterille
  • Additional material (included):
  • 2 titanium microscrwes Ø 1.5 mm × 10 mm

NanoBone Block


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First Release Date: 28/Jan/2015

Last Modified: 15/Aug/2016

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Data sheet

  • Artoss
  • Germany
  • Synthetic
  • 5x10x15mm
  • ISO

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Artoss - NanBone Block

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