Master Dent - Polycarboxylate Cement


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Master-Dent Polycarboxylate Cement

Master-Dent Polycarboxylate Cement is used primarily for final cementation of crowns and bridges. This luting cement has good biocompatibility, low film thickness of 13-18 microns and good insulating characteristics. It’s the material of choice for sensitive teeth and for preparations close to the pulp.



- Biocompatible 
- Low film thickness 
- Strong insulation properties 
- Ideal for sensitive teeth 


25gr Powder & 15ml Liquid
80gr Powder & 40gr Liquid

Reference : 10-200

Data sheet

  • Dentonics - Master Dent
  • USA

Specific References

  • 002891
  • F3C1
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Master Dent - Polycarboxylate Cement

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