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Kerr - Temp-Bond


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Temp-Bond Temporary Cement (With Eugenol)


TempBond is a self-curing zinc-oxide eugenol-based temporary cement indicated for temporary crowns, bridges or splints and for trial cementing permanent restorations. Its smooth flow means exceptional handling and results in effortless and complete restoration seating.


Extrude equal lengths of Base and Accelerator onto the mixing pad provided. The length to be extruded will depend on the size and type of restoration to be cemented. Replace caps tightly on tubes after use. Thoroughly mix the pastes for approximately 30 seconds.


Preparation and application
Dry the prepared teeth and the surface of the restoration. Apply a thin layer of the mixed cement to the internal surfaces of the temporary restoration. Firmly seat the restoration in the mouth. After the material has set remove excess material with a scaler or other instrument.


Packing: 50g Base + 15g Accelerator + Mixing Pad


- Mic Time: 30sec
- Work Time: >1min and 30sec
- Set Time: <7min

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Kerr - Temp-Bond

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