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GC - G-CEM LinkForce
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GC - G-CEM LinkForce

GC - G-CEM LinkForce Cement

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G-Cem LinkForce is a new dual-cure adhesive resin cement that can be used for all types of indirect restorations, including veneers, without any compromise to strength or esthetics.

Key Features:

When restoring any tooth with an indirect restoration, dentists accept restorations that look good, fit well, and will provide a long-lasting result. G-Cem LinkForce is a cement that can be trusted to help dentists achieve the results they seek.

First things first, G-Cem LinkForce is strong; it surpasses all other competitive resin cements in tensile and flexural strength. G-Cem LinkForce contains a high number of homogenously dispersed glass filler particles. These particles are so small that G-Cem LinkForce is highly durable at a film thickness of 4 microns! These small particles also contribute to the wear resistance of this cement.

G-Cem LinkForce will not wash out at the margins of your restorations. If you finish and polish your margins, this cement is highly polishable. G-Cem LinkForce also offers superior color stability and esthetics. There are four cement shades and corresponding try-in pastes, and the color of the cement will not change over time. G-Cem LinkForce has a tooth-like fluorescence and is ideal for all of your aesthetic restorations, including anterior crowns and veneers, especially your paper-thin, conservative-prep veneers.




You can count on G-CEM LinkForce in all clinical situations, for each indication and every kind of substrate:

  • All ceramic, hybrid ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Metal, ceramic and fibre posts
  • All ceramic and composite veneers
  • Crowns and bridges on implant abutments




Light-cure, dual-cure: the choice is yours

  • High bond strength thanks to an efficient light-curing of the bondingVery thin 3µm film thickness not interfering with crown placement
  • Efficient self-cure modeParticularly useful when luting opaque or thick restorations
  • Optimal light-curing of the resin cementIdeal for the luting of veneers

Aesthetic & stable over time

  • 4 shades to match all needs, accompanied by their corresponding try-in pastes
  • Tooth-like fluorescence
  • Color stability over time



gc - cem linkforce

gc - cem linkforce



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Metal, Glass Fiber, Ceramic & Composite

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GC - G-CEM LinkForce Cement

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