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WP Dental - P-Cem NE Temporary Cement

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P-Cem is a self-curing, eugenol-free, provisionary luting cement. It contains calcium hydroxide and hydroxyl apatite. The paste/paste system is delivered in tubes and allows for a flexible dosage and a fast mixing per hand. A thin layer suffices for a safe luting of the temporary crown. The cured material allows for a safe temporary luting. At the same time, the material remains elastic so it is easy to remove. As P-Cem is free of eugenol, it does not impede subsequent adhesive luting or the curing of composite materials.


P-Cem is easy to mix and can be processed very well. After curing the material stays slightly flexible and is therefore unbreakable even at chewing pressure. The material can easily be removed with cooling spray. Minimal material loss because the complete emptying of the tubes is possible.



Recommended for temporary luting of crowns and bridges.



• Self-cure

• Eugenol-free

• Delivered in tubes

• Temporary can be easily removed and without cement residue

• Excess material can be easily removed



• A thin layer is sufficient

• Quick curing after 1 min 30 sec

• Flexible and elastic

• Tubes can be emptied completely

• Excess material and the temporary can be easily removed

• No impediment of the subsequent adhesive luting



1 x 25 g tube base paste, 1 x 25 g tube catalyst paste


Reference : WP4010

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  • Willmann & Pein Dental
  • Germany
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Temporary
  • Self-Cure

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WP Dental - P-Cem NE Temporary Cement

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