Golchadent - Temband

Expired date: 04/30/2026 (2026-04-30)

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Current plan: 6 Month

Description: 35%+6

Down payment: تومان224,550 (35.00%)

Number of payments: 6

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Amount of payment: تومان74,369

Overpayment: تومان29,191

Total: تومان670,762

Temband is temporary cement for STICKING restorations, crowns bridges CONTAINS High insolubility to complete and easy placing of reliving pieces and is dissoluble in salvia.tolerance pressure of chewing and easy replacing pieces are this cements features. 

Solidity time after mixing: Equal length of two pastes is 2-4min. Environment temperature and damp variation change the control time.

Package content: Base Paste tube (x1), Hardener tube (x1), Mixture sheet (x1)
Base Paste tube (contains Zinc Oxide): 60gr
Hardner tube (contains Eugenol and Resin): 30gr


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  • Golchai
  • Iran
  • Crown & Bridge
  • Temporary
  • Self-Cure

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Golchadent - Temband

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