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Master-Fil MICRO

Microhybrid Light Cure Universal Composite



Master-Fil MICRO combines Bis-GMA resin technology with advanced curing components and glass fillers to achieve both excellent esthetics for perfectly matched anteriors and superior abrasion resistance for successful posterior restorations. The composite is condensable and adapts well to the cavity, sculpts superb anatomy without sticking to the instrument and does not slump.




- Microhybrid particle size delivers strength with superb aesthetics and microfill polishability
- Condenses easily to maintain anatomy as carved
- High abrasion resistance - can be used for anterior or posterior restorations
- Low polymerisation shrinkage
- Does not stick to instruments
- Radiopaque

Reference : 19-382

Data sheet

  • Dentonics - Master Dent
  • USA
  • Direct Restorative
  • Universal
  • Microhybrid
  • Light-Cure

Specific References

  • 002861
  • BB99
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Master Dent - Master-Fil Micro Composite

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