Ivoclar Vivadent - Heliomolar HB Composite

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Heliomolar HB


Heliomolar HB is the first and only packable microfilled composite for posterior teeth.

Heliomolar HB is the packable high-viscosity version of the tried-and-tested Heliomolar restorative. As it is based on the same chemistry as Heliomolar, Heliomolar HB offers the same advantages in regard to esthetics, radiopacity and insensitivity to light during sculpting. In addition to the well-known properties of Heliomolar, Heliomolar HB offers further benefits.




  • Good handling properties
    Highly viscous, packable consistency which allows tight proximal contacts to be established
  • High radiopacity
    Heliomolar HB demonstrates the highest radiopacity of all the packable microfilled restorative materials tested (265% Al).
  • Very low wear
  • Esthetics
    Heliomolar HB is based on microfiller technology and is therefore polishable to a smooth and long-lasting high-gloss finish.
CompanyIvoclar Vivadent
ApplicationDirect Restorative
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      Ivoclar Vivadent - Heliomolar HB Composite

      Ivoclar Vivadent - Heliomolar HB Composite

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