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Kuraray - Alloy Primer
Kuraray - Alloy Primer

Kuraray - Alloy Primer

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ALLOY PRIMER is a metal primer used to increase the bond strength of composite and acrylic resins to gold, base and semi-precious metals, titanium and other dental alloys.

It eliminates the necessity of tin-plating and enables excellent bonding to metal surfaces. Its unique chemistry bonds composite or acrylic resins to these alloys.

ALLOY PRIMER is very simple to use. Just apply one coat of ALLOY PRIMER to sandblasted metal surface and leave it for a few seconds, then start adhesion procedure as usual.



Clinical Indications

  • Adhesion of metal inlay, onlay, crown and bridges
  • Adhesion of metal splints
  • Adhesion of metal cast posts
  • Repair of fractured resin-based facing crown and porcelain bonded bridges and crown
  • Fabrication of removable dentures with a metal base, clasp or attachment
  • Repair of dentures



Features and Benefits

  • Multiple indications
  • Intra- and extra- oral use
  • Increase of bond strength to gold
  • Increase of bond strength to semi-precious metals
  • Elimination of tin-plating
  • Simple to use
  • Time-saving
  • Adhesion of metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges 
  • Adhesion of metal cast posts 
  • Repair of fractured resin based facing crowns and porcelain-fused metal crowns and bridges 
  • Fabrication of removable dentures with metal base, clasp or attachment 
  • Repair of dentures

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Kuraray - Alloy Primer

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