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Maquira - Acid Hydrofluoric Gel 10%
Maquira - Acid Hydrofluoric Gel 10%
Maquira - Acid Hydrofluoric Gel 10%

Maquira - Acid Hydrofluoric Gel 10%

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The ACID GEL 10% is a gel base of hydrofluoric acid at a concentration of 10%, being the most efficient used way to attack the surface or porcelain, allowing bigger and better retention of resin materials in feldspathic porcelain restorations, glass ceramics and orthodontic brackets attachment. Its adequate viscosity and the presence of dye allow a safe application, no flowing danger and better visualization of the region to be constrained.



- Porcelain surface conditioning for bonding in restoration processes, with feldspathic porcelain and glass ceramics
- Excellent viscosity for handling, no flowing danger
- Red gel (best visibility)


Package: 1 syringe of 2.5ml + 2 tips



How to use?

Feldspathic porcelain:
Do conditioning from 1 to 2 minutes with Acid Gel 10%
Glass Ceramics:
- Milled glassceramics: Do conditioning for 1 minute with Acid Gel 10%.
- Pressed/Injected: Do conditioning from 20 to 30 seconds.
* For all types of material after conditioning, rinse with plenty of water in order to remove the entire product, and dry right after.

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Maquira - Acid Hydrofluoric Gel 10%

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